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Welcome to A Family Connection, Inc.

Supervised Visitation in Comfortable, Natural and Familiar Settings

A Family Connection offers Supervised Visitation in natural and familiar settings for the parent and child, at a parent’s or other individual’s home. For qualifying cases, supervised visits may also take place in public settings: parks, gardens, zoos, restaurants, museums, movies, theaters, children’s events, or at other events and locations. A Family Connection provides supervision with a stigma-free process for parents and children in Memphis Tennessee, Shelby and Tipton County Tennessee, and in select counties in Mississippi.

Natural Environments Lessen Stress for the Child

When supervised parenting time is required, A Family Connection allows for natural and familiar off-site settings so that the child and parent feel comfortable while growing their relationship under safe conditions. Personal surroundings and special outings promote positive anticipation for parenting time with a supervised parent.

Physical and Emotional Safety of the Child

All supervised visits scheduled with A Family Connection includes specially researched and implemented safety regulations and measures, to ensure physical and emotional safety of the child at all times. Our team of trained Personal Parenting Supervisors are neutral, professional and well prepared. In addition to support from local police, Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency provides the highest level of on-call security for each Personal Supervised Parenting Time with A Family Connection. The child will feel comfortable and safe.

Availability Even on Holidays

A Family Connection has a wide availability for scheduling off-site supervised visits to include: mornings, days, and nights, on weekdays, weekends and even on Holidays. Parents and children, and extended family members, can build safe and positive holiday memories, without unnecessary interruption due to stress or conflict.

Personal Supervising of Parent-Child Phone Communications

In addition to Supervised Parenting Time, A Family Connection offers supervision of phone calls between parent and child via traditional three-way calls, Skype and other resources. Positive consistent and frequent contact between a child and his or her parent is important to maintain healthy relationships, in a family where there has been dissolution of an intact family.

Connect Your Family

A Family Connection is dedicated to safely connecting children and parents in conflict-free, natural settings. To learn more about us, please take a look at our About Us page.